Monday, March 05, 2007


So, 2 weeks ago at work, I was sent an invitation to a focus group. Focus groups are held periodically to go over an issues we may have and what can be done to correct the problems. So, I accepted the invite and thought nothing more of it. So, last Thursday rolls around and I have my "focus group" at 1pm. I go to the meeting room, notebook and pen in hand, open the door and I'm greeted by applause.


What's this? People applauding me? Well, said people are the call center mangaers, the director, and the VP of Customer Care. Ok... so, no focus group. It was a ploy to get me and 4 others together for a celebratory meeting. The 5 of us received Champion of Distinction awards, which came with a certificate saying, well, Champion of Distinction, as well as... you ready? Brace yourself... a $2000 check for each of us.

Again... O.o

So, they go over what we won for (mine was for my work on collections and discovering an error with our combined statements... I won't go into details, since you wouldn't know what I was talking about, anyway!!) and we get food (Italian food from Ala Roma was delivered.. mmm.. ) and cake and chit chat and such.

So, here I was, $2000 richer. What to do with my monies? What to do??? Well, I mulled over it for about a day. Then decided I wanted to upgrade my computer so it would run smoother, a case to make it look prettier, and a new monitor so I could have a new monitor... or maybe 2. Crystal and her dual monitor set up has made me jealous for months. So, Saturday, I head to Best Buy and get a 20.1 inch LCD monitor.


I go home, order my 2gig of RAM and a new case. Then I get to thinking: Since I ordered my RAM and case, I will get them sometime this week and when I get them, I want to be able to set up my monitors right away so I can be all /fancy. So, to the store I go to get the 19 inch widescreen monitor I was eyeing the night before. And, while I'm there, I decide I need new speakers, so I get some Altec Lansing speakers + sub woofer to accent my new monitory goodness.

Pic of my new set up:

So, in addition to new computer stuffs, I also got Jackson some new clothes and the Flushed Away DVD, new silverware plus silverware tray, a toaster, hangers, a LotR Middle Earth map (not a geek...), and.. misc other things that I can't remember anymore.

All in all, this weekend gets 2 thumbs up!


Music pick for the Day: "The Future Soon" by Jonathan Coulton
Beverage for the Day: Cherry coke
Socks for the Day: Pink and black striped knee highs