Sunday, September 28, 2008

*insert witty comment here*

So, I've been an absent blogger for a while. At first, I was all "I'll totally update tomorrow"...and then tomorrow would come, and I'd be all "I'll totally update this weekend...and then the weekend would come, and I'd be all "I'll totally update on Monday". Well, that went on for a couple of weeks before I realized that I hadn't updated in a while. Because it had been so long since my last update, I thought that my next update would have to be sooo awesome to make up for my lack of blogging. So I thought on it for like 2 weeks, and I still have nothing soooo awesome to blog about.

Life has been pretty meh. I've been doing pretty good lately; life hasn't given me too much to complain about, which I'm thankful for. Jackson started kindergarten this month, and it was emotional, but I'm so happy and excited for him to be in school that it helped me get over the whole "my baby is growing up too fast!". And, naturally, with him growing up so fast, life is going too fast, and when I stop to think about it all, I get down and sad-like. So I try really hard to not think about it! I'm a smidge blergy about it all tonight, and in need of some distractions, so I figured I'd update and see if that helped at all!

Hmmm...what else can I ramble about? Oh, well, this coming Tuesday will be a fantastic day. Two movies are coming to DVD and I'm a bit tingly thinking about it: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (mmm, Jason Segel...naked) and Iron Man (mmmmmm...Robert Downey, Jr...wishing he were naked). I must say, this is going to be a Super Tuesday!

And speaking of politics, did anyone else catch the 1st Presidential debate on Friday night? During most of it, I just wanted to reach into my TV and flick McCain in his tiny head or smack him about with my shoe. Pre-debate, I wasn't a supporter, but there was still a bit of respect there for him as a person (I'm a lover, not a hater, and really try to see good in all people)...however, he was making me angry just with his words. Like, almost seething. I hate politicians and wish that it would be possible for, just once, to have them address concerns and issues without trying to belittle their opponent. It seemed that the majority of the time that he was speaking, he took the time to take a jab at Obama instead of trying to address the question at hand. He would prefer to be negative and invoke fear in the voters, to try to get them to *not* vote for Obama instead of trying to make people *want* to vote for himself. It's infuriating! Oh, and his little smirk and giggle he was doing every time Obama spoke. GRAR! He wouldn't even look Barack in the eye during the debate and kept intentionally not addressing him in his responses. Two things that were said too often and made me twitch each time he said them: "What Senator Obama doesn't understand is..." and "...fundamental...". Good lord, robot man. Get some new dialogue. And I won't even talk about his attempt to suspend his campaign. Or on his VP pick.

Obama, on the other hand, was like sex in a suit and I would listen to him talk for hours at a time. He's soothing and pretty and fancy and I love him. Sure, I still have issues with some of his stances on things, but right now, he is the best hope we have. And, if for some reason McCain wins this thing in November, do any foreigners have room to take in a single mom and her 5 year old? I can cook and clean and LOVE to bake! Just let me know. :P

Ok. I'm in a better place now after getting all political and venty. *deep breath* Good times.

I will try to update more and hopefully will have something more entertaining to ramble about, so hopefully I'll talk to you all again soonish!


Music pick for the Day: "Near to You" by A Fine Frenzy
Beverage pick for the Day: agua
Socks for the Day: green, purple and black striped Halloween socks, with pumpins on the ankles (my 2nd pair of Halloween socks so far this fall!)