Monday, November 24, 2008

Cake or blerg... Um, cake, please!

Well, that weekend did not go at all like I planned! And, not in a good way, either.

Friday was great; I got done with work, and headed to Fusion with the Amie and Myrt for a drink. I had a She Devil martini and it was delicious! We then headed to Country Kitchen for foodage and I attempted to eat my weight in pancakes and failed miserably. Crsytal joined us for foodage and we had a great time! After I was stuffed, we went back to Crystal and Adam's and played Little Big Planet until about 10:30 and that was a blast! I totally need to get a PS3 so that I can play this game all of the time. Seriously, most fun I've had in a long time with a console video game; its funness rivals that of Mario Kart in my book, and I love me some Mario Kart action. So, after that, I headed home, played some WoW, then went to bed.

Saturday, I woke up in a great mood and was ready for a day of gaming goodness. I left my house at 1pm, to head to Crystal's...and my car wouldn't start. Like, really super wouldn't start. So, I didn't freak out yet; I went and asked Tanya if she had jumper cables, which she did not, so I then called Amie to come over with hers to see if we could get my car to make a noise beyond clicking. Myrt and Amie arrive with jumper cables...and still my car just clicks. This is the part of the story where Karen starts to really freak out. I called my sister Suzie to see if I could come and get her Grand Am to use, since I wasn't sure what was wrong with my car and didn't want to be carless Monday morning, so Amie drove me to Beaver Dam so I could pick up the car. I hung out at Suzie's for a bit that afternoon, and that helped to calm my nerves, and then I headed to Waupun to visit the parents since I was in the area. I got home at about 5pm and spent the rest of the night moping, playing WoW and watching movies. So, not at all the Saturday I had anticipated. /sad

Sunday morning, I was still feeling down about it all, but forced myself to be optimistic. Myrt had thought that eventhough the jump didn't help, it could still be a dead battery; just a really super dead one. So, Amie and Myrt once again came over, this time with battery chargers, to try my luck with that before I called someone to tow it and look at it on Monday. I started my car charging at about 3pm and hung out with Jackson/played WoW the rest of the day. I kept myself in pretty good spirits for the day, trying to remain optimistic about my poor, dead car. At about 6pm, I went to check the charger and it still read dead. However, they did tell me that it can take a long time to charge, so I left it plugged in and went back to hanging with the J-man. We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and snuggled. Then he took a bath, we read a story and he headed to bed at 9. After I tucked him in, I went to check the meter again, not expecting it to say anything other than it had before...but what's this? The gauge moved??? Could it be working??????

So, I pranced back inside and told Tanya the news. I wasn't getting my hopes up, but my optimism seemed to be paying off! I decided to let it go until I was ready for bed, and then try to start it. I keep myself preoccupied with the season finale of True Blood and the Colbert Christmas special (both of which were fantastic, btw. I need to get the soundtrack to the Colbert Christmas! Too funny, it was!!), and I got my death knight to about 1/2 way through level 62. I was starting to think that sleep would be good at about midnight, so I went back out again to check the meter. It hadn't moved since the last time I'd come out, but I figured I might as well try it, just to see. I unplug the charger, shut the hood, and get in the car. I take out my key, put it in the ignition...turn the key...and....IT STARTED!!!! I was so happy. Beyond happy. Ecstatic! I ran into the house to freak out to Tanya that my car was alive again! I then told her that I was going to sit outside for a bit, just to listen to it run. It was almost as magical as a baby's laugh. Best. Sound. EVER!

Needless to say, I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I was so full of WOOOOOHOOOOOness that I just couldn't fall asleep. I didn't fall asleep until after 2, and almost got myself out of bed at 6:15, but decided to press snooze a bit this morning instead. Had I known that it snowed last night after I went to sleep, I would have gotten up right away. While I was unprepared for the snow, I welcome the prettiness!

So, while my weekend was pretty crappy and although I have been in an overly meh and blerg mood lately, today I am pretty content and happy with everything in my life. I still feel a, as though something is missing, but I'm working on a few new changes that I hope will help me be me again. First of which is kind of a frivilous thing (fancy new cell phone with web access..../rawr), but it's going to make me all ^_^, so it may just be enough to kick my butt out of Glumville. I'll update once I have my shinies this weekend!

Ok. That's all for now. I'm getting better at this updating thing again, so hopefully I keep up with it this time!



Music Pick for the Day: "My Moon My Man" by Feist (my new favorite vocalist..I have to look into getting more music by her)
Beverage for the Day: water
Socks for the Day: black with tourquoise polka dots

Friday, November 21, 2008

Promises, promises

Mmmmm...promises. And, by promises, I mean the Dove chocolate ones. I had a stash of them in my drawer at work, so I eated them all. And they were goooooood. Aside from their numminess, I like the Promises because they also have little notes inside, which makes them kind of like chocolate fortune cookies. So, my chocolate fortunes are:

"A special moment deserves a special chocolate"- I got this one twice, so I'll use this as the reason behind my having 6 promises this afternoon...don't judge me! /delicious

"Buy flowers for yourself"- I may do this, but not in a 'oh, look! Someone totally sent me flowers; I wonder who they're from' kind of way, but rather in a 'my kitchen needs some cheering up. I shall do that with pretty flowers!' kind of way. But, we'll see if I'm ambitious enough to go and buy some. This one will be a maybe.

"Think without limits"- This one I do quite often already, which always gets me in trouble with myself. My mind, or rather my imagination, knows no limits, so I can day dream like you wouldn't believe. However, many day dreams are often not within the grasps of reality, so I tend to set myself up for disappointment when my fantasty life is vastly more appealing than my reality. /le sigh

"Try something new this weekend"- This one I fully intend on fulfilling, not just once, but twice (two promise fortunes for this one, as well!). I have plans for tonight and Saturday, so I'll have to fit something new into my schedule somehow. Perhaps I will try new foods or a new drink tonight, or maybe just do something out of the ordinary. We shall see what adventures the weekend may hold! But, chances are, I'll order french toast instead of waffles and that will count as my "try something new". How boring am I? If I do end up trying something wholey new, I will be sure to try to update again with details, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you...

"Think lovingly, speak lovingly, act lovingly"- Again, I'm pretty good at doing this on a regular basis. I'm a pretty lovey-dovey person and let people know how I feel, even if it's not the best idea. I'm kind of a goober that way and just have to speak my mind sometimes, but on the plus side, I don't hide emotions and typically am very up front about things with people. So, speak and think lovingly, check! Act lovingly is also one that I do often, and generally in the form of hugs. I'm kind of a hug-bot. Hug-slut. Hug-a-holic. Hugs FTW. And, after a few drinks tonight, I may once again display my thinking/speaking/acting lovingly, so Amie and Crystal, watch out! :P

Wish me luck on having a great weekend and I'll update again soonish, I hope!


Music Pick for the Day: "Green-Eyed Lady" by Sugarloaf (I was on a "eye" song kick this morning, and this one is one of my favs. There are no good songs about my name, so I appreciate a song about green eyed people)
Beverage Pick for the Day: Water
Socks for the Day: pink, green and brown argyle knee highs (best. socks. EVER!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bluebells and sleighbells and something with mittens...

/snuggles her blanket
It's attempting to snow outside, and this is the most I've seen it snow yet this year. Nothing is sticking to the ground yet, but just the flurries whizzing around outside are enough to get me into my wintery goodness spirit. A lot of people dislike snow, or rather, a lot of people dislike driving in snow. However, I love so much about snow that I'm willing to forgive the poor driving conditions it brings. And now, my favorite things about snow:

1.) It's fun! Building snowmen, making snow angels, sledding... what's not to love??
2.) It's winter! And what happens in winter? Christmas. And what's great about Christmas? EVERYTHING! Decorations, lights, trees, eggnog, cookies, music, 24 hours of A Christmas Story...I could go on, but I won't.
3.) It's pretty! Imagine a Thomas Kinkade snowytime picture and that's basically my perfect setting. Snowy, peaceful, and beautiful. It just makes me happy on the inside to think about it. Add that with some hot cocoa, blankets, and a good movie, and you have every Friday night during the winter months for me. Well, except that I don't actually live on a peaceful street...I just imagine that's what it looks like outside.
4.) It's cold! Well, I'm always cold, but that doesn't mean that I don't like the cold. On the contrary, I love the cold, since it allows me to wear fun mittens and scarves and hats and coats. Yay, winter clothes!

Ok. Off to daydream some more about wonderful winter.


I shall conquer this, I shall.

If I could sum up my past month or two in one word, that word would be "blerg". I have had more blerg in the past few months than I'd had in a long time. What caused this blerg? Where did it come from? And how can I get rid of it!?! For starters, I don't think that any one thing has caused the blerg, but rather a few smaller blergific things, such as moving situation changing and just being in a perpetual state of "...what now?" I feel as though I'm anticipating or dreading something, but can't seem to pin point what that something is. I'm anxious without anywhere to direct said anxiousness.

I've also had some very upsetting situations arise in the past month, such as an old friend unexpectedly dying last month. 26 years old, mother of 2, who I hadn't seen or spoken to in nearly 5 years. Growing up, she was an honorary member of my family, and was treated and loved like a sister to me and my siblings, and as a daughter to my parents. To get the news that she had died was jarring, to say the least, and it took me a few days to really have the news sink in. It just seemed so surreal; it still seems surreal. Her wake was by far the hardest thing I've had to deal with in a long time, and just seeing her family was too much to bear. Not only had I not seen them all in many years, but I also could not be glad to see them, due to circumstances. It was the worst reunion, in the worst situation.

Ok. I need to be on happier topics, to try to mellow myself out again.

Happy topics...happy topics...hmmm... OH! So, speaking of anticipating things, last week was the release of the newest WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. I have to say, I'm enjoying it more than The Burning Crusade, and I've barely even touched on the quests in Northrend. I will say that Death Knight is super badass and the story line for it is is pretty amazing. I was almost brought to tears by some of the story, which I guess isn't that much of a feat considering how often I cry, but still: amazing. I'm debating making my DK my main for a bit, and then work on leveling Alukin once Cat is 80 and has time to focus on leveling Squik with me. Decisions, decisions.

Last night, I was feeling pretty meh and restless, so I decided to do some more unpacking and arranging to occupy my mind. Since Jackson fell asleep on the couch again, I focused my energies on my bedroom and unpacked some of my books. While doing this, I wanted to watch a DVD, so I picked out Pride and Prejudice... /swoon. And no, not the one that came out a few years ago with Keira Knightly. I'm talking about the 5 hour BBC mini series, with Colin Firth as the dreamboat Mr. Darcy. Mmmmm, Mr. Darcy. If I could find a real life Mr. Darcy, my life would be complete. And, speaking of Mr. Darcy, I watched Bridget Jones' Diary last weekend...and I've realized that I am more like the character Bridget Jones than I would care to admit. Her crazy, her verbal diarrhea, her horrendous love life. But, she did get her Mr. Darcy in the end. His whole speech to Bridget just makes me smile, every time I hear it:
"I don't think you're an idiot at all. I mean, there are elements of the ridiculous about you. Your mother's pretty interesting. And you really are an appallingly bad public speaker. And, um, you tend to let whatever's in your head come out of your mouth without much consideration of the consequences... But the thing is, um, what I'm trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you, very much. Just as you are."
Mr. Darcy...Mark Darcy... mmmmmmm

Although, I am 1 up on Ms. Jones. As of today, it has been 1 year since I last smoked. 1 year since I smoked my last cheat cigarette, even. One whole entire year, smoke free. I am pretty darn proud of myself for that! I need to get back into the mindset that got me to quit smoking, and perhaps life can start to make sense again. Get out of my head and back in the now and just go with the flow. I need to flow. I've hit some flow-blocks in the past few months, so it's time to get happy again. To do this, I may /shun the world for a bit, to get back into the right mindset, but even if I do /shun everyone, I promise to come back out, less crazy-crazy and more fun-crazy! That's worth some Karenless time, right? I think so!

Ok. I'm off now. Time to go and be all zen and not so blergy. Blerg = teh suck.



Music Pick for the Day: "Handsome Man", by Robbie WIlliams
Beverage Pick for the Day: coffeeeeeeeeeee
Socks for the Day: Maroon, tan and black argyle knee highs