Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crocodiles love skittles

It's Sunday night, the boy is in bed, and I'm bored out of my fricking mind. So, what can I do to help pass the time? Why, I can update my blog! Beware, though. I really have nothing to update on, so this will be pretty random, and most likely boring for you all, but it's helping with my boredom so deal with it.

Hmmm.. so, I watched a very entertaining indie movie today called "Wristcutters: A Love Story". I think everyone should see this movie based on the title alone. The story is about an alternate plane where people who commit suicide go to. So, I guess it's an interpretation of purgatory, in a way (wait... is it purgatory? Or one of the levels of hell? 7th circle of hell? Poop...must reread Inferno; my hell trivia is waning!). But, like all good stories about suicide and purgatory, there is a love story to tie it all together. And really, even without the love story, it'd still be a great film, for it's vision on life after death. If this isn't enough to get your roped in, I'll have to pull out the big guns: Will Arnett plays a Messiah, in a role that I would describe as an homage to GOB. He performs a "miracle", much like GOB's "illusions"...and it's freaking Will Arnett. 'Nuff said.
Go see it. Now.

Ummm... I worked for about an hour and a half today, so boo for going to work on a weekend. On the plus side, I'm almost all caught up again after my fiasco from the last few weeks that got me behind on my regular work, so a big woop woop to that. Now I don't have to be back until Tuesday, and then I only work 4 days. Wait a sec... for the next two weeks, I only have 4 day work weeks. That is fantastic! Yay long weekends! My 2nd long weekend will be to go to the zoo with Jackson, my sisters, and alllll the nieces and nephews. Yay animals! I shall be sure to take extra pictures of the red pandas and monkeys!

Speaking of pictures, I'm starting to use my Flickr! account more. I uploaded the pics of my b-day decorations from work, as well as some random pics I took at work (yay animal crackers!). So, if you like to stalk my online pics, go ahead and bookmark my Flickr! I'll probably be using this for more of the random pics I take, and then still use my Picasa for pics of people. That should work quite nicely.

I also played Mario Kart Wii for like 2 hours today, and then for about a 1/2 an hour after the J-man got home. He gets frustrated when he loses, especially since we were racing online, so we only did 2 races before I let him play Super Mario Galaxy instead. He played that while I cooked dinner (lemon chicken, green beans and rice... mmm mmmm mmmmmm. One day I'll have a man to cook for, or to make cook for me. Ah, a daydream for another day.)

And, that's about all I did today. Tomorrow, Jackson and I will be hanging out with my dad all day. If the weather is nice, we'll be going fishing in the morning and hopefully I'll be able to take some pretty pictures. Later in the day, after my mom is done with work, we'll be having a cookout, and maybe I'll convince them to go to the marsh with me for a walk, so I can take some more pretty pics!

Hmmmm... what else? ummmm... Crystal and Myrt came over Saturday afternoon to watch the last 4 episodes of Angel, and I made lots and lots of cupcakes! I had already eaten like 7 cupcakes Friday night, so I super didn't need to make cupcakes yesterday...but, sometimes I get the baking itch and can't really say no to myself. Blerg, cupcakes, blerg!!!

Ok. I'm still bored, and I'm sure you are super bored now from having read this. So, I will leave you with a video of Stephen Colbert telling Jon Stewart about alligators. If you don't find this funny, then you're probably super lame. Or a marshmallow.

Music pick for the Day: "Creep" by Radiohead
Beverage pick for the Day: Water
Socks for the Day: None. My feet are naked. How hot is that?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I should be sleeping

...but I can't! I went to see Rilo Kiley tonight and I'm all giddy and RAAAAAAAH! right now. Me thinks I had too many cupcakes, thus too much sugar. Hopefully I will be coming down from my sugar high soon so that I can get some sleep. I have a big weekend ahead of me, full of slacking and Mario Kart, so I can't be all sleepy for that!

The concert was really good, even though I was super tired all day today. One of the opening acts, The Spinto Band, was very energetic and fun! And, really, a band that uses kazoos???? It's almost too good to be true! The kazoo is a very underrated instrument and that's too bad. There is so much untapped potential regarding the kazoo, and someone should really bring kazooing to the mainstream. For the children. I will most definitely be looking into getting some of their music off of iTunes or e-Music in the near future.

Rilo Kiley was amazing and I <3 them even more after seeing them live. The lead singer, Jenny Lewis, wore super sparkley silver shoes and hot pants. I'm pretty sure she's one of my new heroes for wearing hot pants with the silver shoes. Clothing aside, there were huge balloons floating around the audience for a bit and this is another shtick that needs more attention. Who doesn't love balloons? Who doesn't love HUGE BALLOONS that you can swat around like a beach ball in the middle of a concert? Nazis. That's who doesn't. And no one likes Nazis, so I think it's safe to say that everyone (sans Nazis) love balloons, therefore there should be more huge beach ball balloons in the world. I now have a sudden urge to purchase large balloons to bring to work for some cubicle volleyball, or slow-motion office basketball. Definitely one of the two.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say hi, let you know I'm still here and that I will be back soon with updates on...something. Maybe cupcakes. Or banjos. Or alligators eating marshmallows. Ooooo... I got it. Musical penguins from Antarctica who wield maracas of awesome, to help them sing their songs of praise to their whale overlords. know...or something.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jai guru deva om

About two weeks ago, I was hanging out with my friends and playing games. We spent nearly 5 hours playing Mario Kart for the Wii and I had a blast. I decided then that I was going to get a Wii in the near future, so that I could play Mario Kart all the freaking time. Well, last week proved to be a horrible week for me, emotionally, so on Friday night, in an effort to cheer myself up, I decided to go to Target on the off chance that they had a Wii in stock. They were out, and said they’d be getting a shipment in on Sunday, but that it was going to be in the weekly ad, so I’d have to be there by 5am Sunday morning if I wanted a chance to buy one. So, I moved on to Best Buy to try out my luck there. On my way there, I decide that either way, I’m going to get a wireless router so I can finally set up a wi-fi connection in my apartment. So, I get my router, and then head to the check out to inquire about Wiis. They, too, are out of Wiis and tell me that they get their shipments on Tuesdays, and that I should call to see if they have any then. *sigh* I’m feeling pretty defeated at this point; as though the entire world is mocking me. As I start driving home, I pass Shopko and think to myself: “Hmmm… I never shop at Shopko…maybe no one else does either and they have Wiis”. I venture to the electronics department and check out the Wii display and there are of course none there. So, I mosey to the service desk, preparing to hear the same spiel about Wii shipments. And this is how the conversation went:

Me: When do you normally get your Wii shipments?

Lady: Um, we have like 4 in back.

Me: …Seriously??

Lady: yeah.

Me: …Can I have one?

Lady: Sure, I’ll go and get one.

Me: . . .

*a few minutes pass as she goes to retrieve my Wii*

Lady: Here ya go.

Me: You just made my week!

So, to Target and Best Buy, I say this: Neener, I got my Wii and didn’t have to stalk the store in the wee (hehehe “Wii”) hours of the morning, or make border-line harassing phone calls to get one. Apparently, I just had to go where very few other gamers go to get one.

Along with my brand spanking-new Wii, I got an extra controller and nunchuck so that Jackson and I can play together, as well as Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Sadly, there was no Mario Kart to be found at any of the stores, so I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived today, so woot! After the week/weekend I’ve had, I feel that my Wii was a sound investment, since I forsee myself needing a lot of distractions in the next few weeks. To help with the distractions, Myrt has let me borrow Zelda, Wario Ware, and Super Mario Galaxy until I can build up my own library of Wii games, so <3>

Friday night, after I get home with my phat lewtz, I open up the Wii and lick it (ok. So, I lick new stuff, kind of like marking my territory “haha, my tongue touched it so it’s Mine! My tongue has claimed this in the name of the Karen!”, but something about licking my Wii sounds inherently dirty…and I like it.) After I get my Wii all set up, naturally the first thing I do is create my Mii. I actually made two me Miis: A regular me Mii and I guess an evil me Mii, with my “oooo, shiny” face. After that, I made a Jackson Mii. Jackson FREAKED OUT when he got home on Friday and said I was the coolest mom ever, which I really can’t deny. I am a pretty wicked cool mom. Jackson and I then played some Wii Sports before I sent him to bed late at 9:30. After the boy was asleep, I set up my wi-fi and I felt so accomplished after getting it all set up in under 15 minutes. I think I need my geek card now. Or geek peen. One of the two. Or both. After I was up and running, I added Crystal and Steeps to my address book, so I can send them pictures/messages/Miis. I then spent the rest of the night making Miis and checking out the channels available. Oh, and messing with the picture thingy, doodling eye patches on my pics and being goofy. I finally got to bed at about 2 and slept a whole 5 hours before Jackson woke me up.

Saturday, overall, was complete shit, so I’m just going to recap the non-shit parts. Jackson cleaned his room FINALLY (the Wii is a great motivator, BTW. Two thumbs up. Would buy again.) and I got to watch “Across the Universe” from Netflix. Now, as I was watching it, I was pretty “meh” about it, but as soon as it was over, I decided I need to buy it. It was an average movie that I know I will grow to love the more I watch it, plus the love story was pretty good and had me tearing up a few times. Oh, and I fell in love with the lead guy, but I think that wasn’t a deciding factor in my wanting to purchase it (psssh. Riiiightt. Don’t worry; even I didn’t really believe that.) Saturday night, Amie came over, bearing gifts of Wii games, which kept me up until 2am, yet again.

Sunday morning, Jackson was up BEFORE 7, so I made him snuggle with me and watch cartoons so I didn’t have to move out of bed until after 7. I played through the single player mode on Wario Ware, and then Jackson played Super Mario Galaxy, making me help him with the hard parts. Later on in the day, before dinner, we played some Wii Sports, and Jackson kicked my ASS in golf. The putter and I, we were not friends on Sunday. Not even a little. So, after I lost to a 5 year old, we decided to bowl, which I totally won, so take that little man! MOMMY IS THE BOWLING QUEEN!!

*ahem* Sorry about that…not sure where that came from… moving on.

So, we had dinner, blah, Jackson took a bath, blaaaah, I played through the first two observatories in SM Galaxy (/flex), and then my weekend ended.

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m longing for Friday already, but with good reason. I’m done at noon on Friday and will be going to see Rilo Kiley with Amie, Myrt, Crystal and Angel and Angel is totally cooking us dinner. I’m hoping she makes like a pot pie or something, so I can be all “get me my pot pie, woman!”, because I don’t get to say that nearly as often as I’d like to.

Music pick for the Day: "Across the Universe" by Rufus Wainwright (I love the Beatles, but come on: Rufus is just beautiful, aesthetically and vocally)
Beverage for the Day: water
Socks for the Day: blue and green argyle with chipmunks on them (super cute)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Excuse me, is that a banana in your cart..."

A few months ago, I had been in the habit of grocery shopping every Wednesday after work. It was a good night to go, since no one goes grocery shopping in the middle of the week, and it's always nice to shop in peace. At some point about 2 months ago, though, I'd stopped going on Wednesdays, for no reason at all.

Tonight, however, I started going again on Wednesday nights, and remembered one other reason that I liked going on Wednesdays: a boy. There is a guy that I saw nearly every week when I would go, and he's kind of handsome and manlyish. I've probably seen him there about 7 times, and I have never said anything to him and this got me wondering about grocery stores and dating.

In the movies, it seems like meeting people and chatting them up at the grocery store is a common occurrence, yet I have never ever heard of anyone actually meeting someone and making a date while shopping. Does it really happen? Is it common? And if the answer to these questions is "yes", then how the hell do you even approach the subject without looking completely bonkers? Do you do the "oh, I'm so sorry to have bumped into your cart! Clumsy me! By the way, I'm Karen. What up?"? Do you try and find a common item to chat them up with, such as a favorite cereal or dairy product? Or do you just act all cool and normal and just make regular small talk while standing in the check out line? Actually, it doesn't really matter. In reality, I am pretty much incapable of chatting someone up in a normal, social situation, so I doubt I'd be able to pull off anything even resembling flirting while at the grocery store. I can be very good at just regular chatting in the grocery store, with females and elderly, but if it's a boy aged within 10 years of me, I will turn into a ridiculous, rambling pile of crazy and not be able to say anything more coherent than "yeah, bananas are good for potassium. Lots of breakfast." Le sigh. One day I just need to get someone to chat ME up, and save me the trouble. Seriously.

Ok. Now that my weird grocery store fiasco is done, I'll give you a recap of my past few weeks: spent waaaay too much time on the internet, watched too many movies too many times (movies I've seen include Sunshine, 28 Weeks Later, Becoming Jane, Juno, Lars and the Real Girl, 27 Dresses, P.S. I Love You, and I went to the movie theater to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall), watched too much TV (so glad my shows are back), saw Jonathan Coulton in Madison last week (/swooooooon), and seriously, way.too.much.internet (I Tweet, therefore I am). A-yup. That sums it up quite nicely. Some people may say that this makes me lame, and to them I say "whatevs".

Now, to go and catch up on my shows from this week, make some awesomely num-licious cupcakes and then do the sleep thing. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm totally going to see Iron Man tomorrow night, so a big fat "woop woop" to that!

Sorry for the extra crazy in this update, but you deserve it. I've been an absentee blogger for too long, so the extra dose of crazy is special, just for you!

*snuggles her internetz* Love ya!


Music pick for the Day: "Circle" by Eddie Izzard (while, not technically "music", it's on my iPod and all I listened to today, so neener, it's staying)
Beverage pick for the Day: Coffeeeeeeeeee
Socks for the Day: white 70's retro knee highs, with pink and black stripes

Monday, May 05, 2008

Worst. Karen. Ever.

Seriously. If I had to pick the worst Karen I know, it'd be me. Why? Because I have been super lame with my non-existent blog updates. So, to those of you who read this, I'm sorry! I still have nothing to say, but I will be making a HUGE EFFORT to give you an update by the end of the week. I'll even go so far as to say that if I *DON'T* update by Saturday night, that I will buy each of you (read: the 5-ish of you that I know and see on a regular basis) POCKY! That's right! If there isn't a new update by Saturday, you will be the proud new owners of a shiny, delicious, SUPER FANTASTIC box of POCKY!

Now how's that for a deal? Either way, you win!! It's genius, is what it is. And it shows you how much I value our friendship.