Sunday, July 27, 2008

...don't tell the Elf

Hidey ho, people! In case you hadn't noticed, I've been kind of neglecting my blogging lately (well, aside from my "WATCH DR. HORRIBLE" posts, but those don't count). One reason is that I haven't had much to update on. The other reason is that I am horribly lazy and unmotivated! ^_^

This weekend, I decided to re-watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy with Jackson (he made it through most of FotR and then gave up on me). I seriously need to do this more often! (and, yes, Crystal, I will plan ahead next time and invite you!) I know that I love the movies, but I forget sometimes just how much I really love them. I still cry like a baby at so many parts, and I basically spend half of Return of the King teary eyed. Well, and The Two Towers... don't even get me started on Helm's Deep... dammit. I'm now tearing up again just thinking about it. When Gandalf arrives with the Rohirrim.... my god, that's a fantastic scene. *gets a tissue* So beautiful.

And can I just say that EVERY TIME I watch RotK and see Gothmog, I keep expecting him to say "Hey you guuys!". Does he not look eerily like Sloth from "The Goonies"? I can't be the only one who sees it! They are like twins!!
gothmog.jpg sloth.jpg

I think that if Gandalf had just offered Gothmog a Baby Ruth, things may have turned out a little differently!

Also, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, so I know what I'll be doing this week! I'm watching a Mythbusters marathon right now and they are showing the old Shark week episodes. I can't wait to see what they have this time around. Also, I'm looking forward to whatever dirty jobs Mike Rowe does. I rewatched an episode of Dirty Jobs while I was at my parents' house today and Mike totally took his shirt off. *sigh* More episodes need to include a shirtless Mike Rowe. Mmmmm... dirrty Mike Rowe, with two r's. /rawr

AND! 12 more days until the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics!! I'm going to be on vacation with my family, but will be driving to Madison to continue the tradition of oogling the pretty boys from around the world with my closest friends and fellow peen-lovers. Fondue, Eastern European gymnasts and world-class male swimmers? Yeah. That's gonna be a good day. Also, you can expect updates from me for 2 weeks, to confess my undying love for the beautiful men of the XXIX olympiad. Mmmm... /rawr again!

Ok. I think that's about it for now. There is more I could say, but it's bath time for the Jackson and I have laundry to fold and TV to watch. Farewell, peeps!

Music Pick for the Day: Bascially everything from Dr. Horrible (thanks Myrt for the soundtrack! I <3s it!)
Beverage Pick for the Day:

Socks for the Day:
none. Totally sockless and feeling kind of weird about it.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

That's...not a good sound.

Well, Dr. Horrible is no longer free to you slackers who didn't watch it when it was up for FREE on Now, if you want to view the AWESOMENESS that is Dr. Horrible, you'll have to go on iTunes and pay $4...which, honestly, is totally worth it. Can't afford the $4 fee? I will buy it for you! (well, I mean...I'll let you watch it on my iPod). So, if you've watched it, let me know how you liked it!! (also, go buy some merchandise!!)

(psst. This is pretty much my plea to have Suzie watch it already and call me to let me know how great I am for making her watch it...but it really does apply to everyone)

In other news, I had a great weekend and I might even update about it later! For now, I need to finish making nummy cake and then head to Crystals for some Wii Fit action!

*blows kisses* Toodles!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"What a crazy, random happenstance!"

Pssst... Act II of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is now up, and better than ever! Go watch now (well, after you've watched the Act I, anyway!)

*sigh* My love for NPH has grown exponentially in the last 24 hours, as well as my love for Nathan Fillion. And Felicia Day is completely fantastic as Penny (also, you should check out The Guild if you have free time and like MMOs. Do it now!)

Ok. Time for sleep, for real now.
Nighty-night, my lovlies! I'll come again soon!


This is not really an update; more like an Public Service Announcement. Or a plug for a new online TV show. Yeah, the 2nd one. Definitely a plug for a new online TV show. You may ask, "Karen, what online TV show is that?" and I'll reply "Why, it's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!"

If you haven't already watched it, please do so immediately! The first act became available yesterday, and there are two more being released this week (Thursday and Saturday). Also, if you fall in love with it and want to be able to rewatch it allll the time, go and get a season pass to it on iTunes for $3.99!

It's a silly webshow that Joss Whedon started during the writer's strike this winter. It's about a supervillian. Who has a blog. And it's a musical. I won't say much else, other than I've only had it on my iPod for 24 hours and I've watched it 6 times already and have turned 2 people into fans (on my lunch break, no less!). It's just *that* good!

Also, if you watch this and don't like, I think you can pretty much guarantee to not get a Christmas card from me this year... well, chances are even if you do like it, you won't get one because I don't actually send out Christmas cards, but it's not intentional most of the time.

But it *will* be for the haters. I will intentionally NOT send you a Christmas card and will make sure you know it!

ps. <3 you all, even the haters


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Make it stop!

I am hopelessly addicted to signing up for new micro-blogging sites and "the next big thing" sites. The list of ones that I now use:


Plurk is the newest one to make its way into my daily updates. I think that the name ropes me in. Plurk. It just sounds fun.

Anywho, Plurk is pretty new, so I think I'll stick it out for a while and see if it takes off or if I grow to love it/hate it. Besides, back when I first joined Twitter, I had my doubts about it, so I'm willing to give Plurk a fair judgement and will keep with it for a few weeks. I added a widget to my blog, so you can check out Plurk for your self.

Ok. That's it for now. See ya later, alligator marshmallow-lovers!


Monday, July 07, 2008

Manilow. Strawberry Manilow.

Why, hello there! Glad you could stop by! I’ve been busy lately…well, that’s kind of a lie. I’ve been anti-social lately, so I’ve been fake-too-busy to post by my lack of want to be on my computer and communicate in anyway. But, I think that has passed for now. I had a rough few weeks again, and still some bad days, but overall I think I’m passed this most recent slump. I think that deserves a little WOOP WOOP. I was able to be around friends and family for the 4th of July weekend, which helped (although, I had a rough patch of suckitude on Sunday afternoon, but it was over within a couple of hours (thanks to J-man and the nieces/nephews)). I’m not going to recap my whole weekend, but I will give you the highlights:

-I met a man who could very well be the long lost sibling of Chong and he was by far the most interesting person I’ve met all year. He seemed to be the embodiment of the hippie generation, all rolled into one tie-dyed American flag shirt. If everyone had his care-free and laid back attitude… well, not many things would be accomplished, but I’m positive we’d all be a lot happier with life. Brian-Chong, you’re my hero.

-I got a haircut again. While it’s short, I’ve decided to keep it short at least for the summer. It was long enough for mini nub pig tails for about a week, but there will be time enough for pig tails this fall. I also got my roots touched up, but I think from now on I’ll be dyeing my hair myself. I’m light blonde again, so the upkeep on it won’t be hard to do on my own. When I decide to go brunette or red again, I may go back to letting my hair lady dye it. Maybe.

-As I was waiting for Amie to finish at the check out in Barnes and Noble, I was perusing the mini-books they sell at the counter. There were about 7 different “…for Dummies” books, but one in particular caught my eye: “Sex for Dummies”. Just the fact that someone made a book for this made my day. So, I scanned through the book and even the chapters were fantastically awesome.

Chapter 1: Getting in the Mood

Chapter 2: Doing It

Chapter 3: Keeping the Fire Going

I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy a dozen of these and give them as stocking stuffers this year.

-I found the most magical of all beverages…well, by name, anyway. As I was waiting in line at the World Market on Saturday, I decided to get something to drink for the ride home. I go to the little cooler-majiger and see that in addition to the regular cola selection, they also have a variety of Jones Soda. I was unable to resist the pink one, not only because it was pink but because of what it was called: Strawberry Manilow. Is that not the best name for ANYTHING that you’ve ever heard of? Darn tootin’ it is!

-I saw Wall-E and I’m pretty sure it has taken the #1 spot on my list of favorite Pixar movies. It was so adorable and fun! Jackson really enjoyed it, too, and stayed awake for the whole thing. On any other day, a 5 year old sitting through a whole movie wouldn’t be impressive, but we went to a 9:15pm showing of the movie with Amie and Myrt and his bedtime is normally 9pm. Not only did he stay awake for the whole movie, he even stayed up long enough to do some sparklers with me afterwards! We didn’t get to sleep until midnight, but it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Yay Jackson and Mommy time! It does wonders for my morale! ^_^

So, that’s my 4th of July weekend, in a nutshell. Well, there was a lot more going on than just the things listed, but those were the most memorable. Oh, and Myrt and I playing DDR for the first time in over a year. We kind of rocked.

On the TV front, I finished season 1 of How I Met Your Mother. Right now, I have some movies in my Netflix queue, so I’ll get around to the other seasons later on this summer, but I am looking forward to watching more of it. I also am still watching season 1 of The X-Files, but I haven’t been watching much TV in the last few weeks, so I will get back around to it soon. That’s about it for my new-to-me show watching.

As for TV shows that I inflict upon others, I got a co-worker to watch Veronica Mars. We were discussing TV shows last week on our break and I brought up VM. Tammy said she’d never seen it, which prompted me to go into VM-appreciation mode. I brought her season 1 the next day, and waited all weekend to hear from her. This morning at work, she tells me that she watched the 1st 9 episodes and that she is hooked. As I talked about the characters and plot from season 1, I got an urge to re-watch the series. Thankfully, I own two copies of VM season 1 so I will be able to watch along side her and keep up on the plots twists and reveals. So, I’m going to start watching it tonight and I am very much looking forward to it!

I have also been watching more movies again! I watched Annie Hall, which was pretty fantastic! Next in queue is North by Northwest, followed by Harvey, so I’m anticipating my next shipment! I also have been borrowing movies to my mom, and her most recent batch of movies from me is 27 Dresses (I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and James Marsden is dreamy), Sweeney Todd, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’m most excited about my mom watching Monty Python and I can’t wait to hear how she likes it.

On a seriousish note, I’ve been doing some self-reflection over the past few weeks, trying to rationalize where my life has gone this last year. I have always been one to over-think every situation and over analyze issues and to top it off, I am the most emotional person I know. So when I over-think and over-analyze, I will work myself up, for better or worse. If I’m in a negative place emotionally, I will most likely make myself depressed thinking of the negative side of an issue (which was my last 3 weeks, by the way). But, I’m starting to bring myself over to the positive, everything-happens-for-a-reason side, and letting myself become optimistic again. As a deterrent to keep myself from focusing on negative things, I’ve started doing Su Doku puzzles to help clear my mind and it has worked wonders. Whenever I find myself getting down about things, I just pick up my book and get lost in the numbers. Sooo relaxing.

I also am not against the idea of dating again, so that’s another positive. Now, this isn’t to say that I’ll be finding people to date, but if I should happen to meet a boy who fancies me, I wouldn’t be against the idea of a date. I just hope this attitude sticks around for a while, since I don’t foresee myself actually dating anytime soon. One thing I hate about my town is that the only real ways to find a potential partner is either at the bar (no thanks, I’ve had my fill of drinkers and alcoholics) and online dating, which I don’t think I’m comfortable with at this point. I’m only 26, so I think I have a few years to go before I jump on the bandwagon. Well, the other alternative is being set up with someone through a mutual friend, but I also don’t know how comfortable I’d be with that.

Oh, well. For now, I’m content with my life again and that’s enough for now. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”. I had said a few months ago that this would be my new mantra, but I haven’t been very good at keeping this mindset. It’s hard to live in the moment, especially as a single mom. I’m always looking ahead and trying to figure out where life will lead me; I need to not worry about where I’m going to end up, but how I’m going to get there. And that has to start sometime, so why not now?

I'm kind of starting to sound like a self help book, so I’m off for now. I’ll be back soonish with more inane ramblings, so don’t fret! Also, if I am gone for a few weeks again and you’re all “where the shit did she go?”, just message me on Twitter or G-talk or Digsby. Adam, this means you.

Music Pick for the Day: Supertheory of Supereverything” by Gogol Bordello (a band that was recommended to me by Jourdan, and I am really enjoying them! Thanks, Gand!!!)

Beverage Pick for the Day: Coffee (and it’s the Peruvian blend with the llama on the package. Yay, llama coffee!)

Socks for the Day: white and lime green monkey socks with bananas hanging off the ankle. They say “cheeky monkey”. <3