Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa: Please send boy, or keys to Australia. XOXO, Karen

Well well we meet again, Mr. Blog. I've been MIA for a few weeks, but it's totally not my fault. Well, unless you count being a total slacker as being my fault, in which case, yeah; my fault. I've sat at my computer every night since my last blog update, and have I even tried to post an entry?? Ok, so maybe I did start to update like 4 times in the past couple of weeks, but be thankful I didn't go through with it... some things about male gymnasts and pudding should never leave my mind. Seriously.

Anywho, it's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that everyone has a good holiday and that any travel that must be done is safe and fun for you all! As for myself, today started my 5 day weekend and it was pretty fantastic! The J-man and I lazed around all day, for the most part. We played in the snow, which was pretty fun! Although, he did lose part of his Dr. Horrible costume in the process. He was being Dr. Horrible as he played in the snow and wore his goggles outside...and decided to bury them...and now he can't remember where he buried them. Hopefully we get the warmer weather/rain that we're supposed to get this weekend and they surface. Otherwise, he will be a goggleless Dr. Horrible until spring. Actually, I can fix this: he'll just be Billy instead. The alter-egos never get any attention! Whoever says "man, I wanna be Clark Kent!" The only alter-ego that actually has people adoring him is probably Tony Stark. /swoon

...thinking of Robert Downey Jr. now and lost my train of thought... Oh, yes. Christmas Eve! After we had our fill of snowy-goodness, we came inside and started watching Christmas movies: Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty the Snowman, and The Year Without a Santa Claus. We also played Go Fish, ate some Italian take out, and then finished the night with some Mario Kart Wii action. Oh, and we did watch Dr. Horrible again this morning. Crystal got the DVD, so we are borrowing it while she's in Illinois for the holidays. I have to say, this is a must buy for anyone who enjoyed Dr. Horrible. The They did a musical commentary. It's just magicalness. So great!!
So, overall: Best. Christmas Eve. Ever.

I'm still fuzzy on the details for my Christmas Day, but I know that Jackson will be going to his dad's for most of the day. I will spend part of the day at home, being lazy and listening to music, and then head to my parents' for dinner. I'm not doing my formal Christmas festivities with my family until the 27th, so this weekend I will be ZOMG busy; I'm going to take every opportunity to be loungey and lazy until Saturday, though!

It's kind of sad, though, how much my attitude towards Christmas has changed over the years. I'd always been such a huge goober about Christmas and had such enthusiasm and awe for the holiday. However, in recent years, I've noticed my adoration for the holiday waning and that depresses me. The only thing keeping Christmas exciting for me now is Jackson, but even that excitement only goes so far. He spends Christmas Day with his father, so that day will be just another day this year; no different for me than any other Thursday. *sigh* C'est la vie.
It probably doesn't help that this is my 3rd Christmas in a row being single. I won't say that I hate being single, since I've come to terms with it and am content in my spinsterhood, but it does make me sad thinking how nice it would be to have someone to share Christmas snuggles and mistletoe kisses with. Plus, this weekend I will be around my family and all of their happy suburbia happiness and will put on my happy face... and then I will eat too much pie as I sit in envy of their happy coupleness... blerg!
Ok. Happy thoughts...happy thoughts. Ewan McGregor in a kilt...naked Robbie Williams... 2008 male Olympic diving team (like, all of the much rawr) in pools of jello...
Ok. All better now!

Hmmm...trying to think if anything exciting or notable has happened lately, but I'm pretty sure not. Alas, the life of the Karen is still unexciting and boringish. I am working on a list of goals for 2009, though, which I'm hoping will help make it not so boring (from my perspective, anyhow). I'm not going to call them resolutions, since if I coin them as such, I will most likely have the Defiant Karen come out and she's too rebellious and care-free to abide by resolutions. She scoffs at them.
However, my list of goals for 2008 went over pretty well, so we'll see if I can up my game and come up with some great things for me to accomplish in 2009. At the top of my list: take more chances. And, I've kind of already sort of started that one...ish. Still a work in progress, but it's in progress!! That's all that matters!

Ok. I think I've rambled enough for now. Time to go be Santa and finish wrapping gifts! Again, Merry Christmas and I will try to update before the new year!
No promises, though...


Music Pick for the Day: "Whistle for the Choir" by The Fratellis
Beverage Pick for the Day: lemonade!
Socks for the Day: red and green Christmas socks that say "naughty or nice" all over (both. Equally. FYI.)

Monday, December 08, 2008

You can't survive on ice cream...

Happy "Take it in the Ear" Day! Why yes, that is a rather obscure and weird holiday, and no, I have no idea where it's from, but it is rather intriguing, isn't it? I've been thinking about it for about 10 minutes now, trying to figure out the intent of this day and have come to a few conclusions:
1. It's a rough way of saying "dude, just listen", so instead of talking, try being the one who sits back and listens? Sometimes, people need to be told to just listen, so really, this is a great day to have. Too many people hear what they want to hear, or don't really listen at all, so it's nice to have a day to remind us to actually listen to what people say at face value; not everyone talks in code.
2. A less offensive way of saying "take it in the rear". So, a day to be humble and take your lumps? Don't be outspoken and learn to shut up? Same kind of vein as #1, but with a different intent.
3. Sexual experimentation day? Who knows, some people have weird ear fetishes...I'm just saying.
Aside from the impending ear raping which may or may not occur today, my Monday is turning out to be a pretty good day, considering how I was feeling yesterday and this morning. I got a free lunch, and I'm no longer feeling like poo, which are two very important things that can turn most days into good days!

I woke up yesterday morning, though, sick as a...something really sick, and wanting to do nothing but drink my weight in NyQuil and sleep the day away. But, I had my geeking out to do with my geeks and was supposed to be at Crystal and Adam's for D&D at 9am. However, since I wasn't feeling sick Saturday night, I was all "I'm not setting my alarm, cuz there's no way I'm sleeping past 7:30". Little did I know that my body was all "Yes, go to sleep, and as you slumber, I am totally going to give you a headache and fill your nose with goo and make your head feel like it will implode at any moment! *maniacal laugh*". So, needless to say, my inner alarm was all gunked up by the yuckies and made me sleep until 9:30...and trust me, that is a very rare occurence, indeed, and just shows how sick I was that I actually slept for over 5 hours.
So, I climb out of bed, message Crystal that I was rolling out of bed and that I'd be there in a few. I threw on some clothes and headed over there at about 10am. We didn't start the game until almost 11, and by 1, I was ready for some quality nappage. We called game before 2 and I headed home, intending to finish baking the cookies for my WoW boys, but with my sickies and general state of blerg, I wasn't up for anything more involved than sitting on my couch, watching Robert Downey Jr. being sexy. So, that's what I did; I watched Iron Man, then chilled with my J-man once he got home at about 4...and then watched Iron Man again after dinner.

I felt like poo all day/night, so I watched another movie after Jackson went to bed, and it made me a bit blergified: PS, I Love You. Damn you, Gerard Butler and your sexy manliness! I wants one of you! It's never a good idea for me to watch romantic comedies if I'm in a less than good mood, since I'm quite likely to fall into a "I'm so lonely and will die a crazy spinster cat lady" type of mood... which is where I was for about 3 hours last night. However, after the movie was over, I headed to my 'puter to do some blipping and that helped cheer me up a bit, although I still felt like my head was going to melt. Then at about 11, I headed to bed and decided to start rewatching Friends, and that always cheers me up!

To keep with the weird backward narration for my weekend, Saturday, I totally went shopping in Milwaukee with the Amie and Angel and had a blast! I heart Angel and wish that we got to see her more often. My goal for the day was to buy a cute dress and some boots, but since I'd just bought 2 new dresses Friday night, I was on the look out for boots. But, the boots I loved were out of my budget for this time of year, so after the holidays, I'm totally going to buy me some totally sexy knee high boots! Very /rawr, indeed. However, eventhough I didn't meet my objective for shopping, I did get some cute arm warmers and some cute knit tights to go with my dresses! I'm going to be so adorably cute in my dress, I may squeee and have the ^_^ face when I wear it! Mission- Fancy Karen: In progress!!

So, after I got home, I decided to be fancy and wear my dress and tights...with my bright blue "It's not my fault I was born awesome" fuzzy slippers and my WoW hoodie, and decorated my tree and living room! Crystal and Amie then came over that night to bake cookies for our WoW boys and to watch a movie. And, eventhough I was in my cute dress and baking, I was already getting a bit blergy (which, in retrospect, was probably due to my upcoming illness...blerg to that I say!) All in all, though, Saturday was a great day!

Friday was a great day, too! After work, I went out for a martini with Crystal, Amie and Myrt and then we headed to Target, where I bought my two cute dresses on CLEARANCE! I had also bought a new coat there earlier in the week (tan corduroy trench for $25! Love clearance sales!), so I am totally /cheer about my new cheap-ass clothes!

So, I'm pretty content with everything in my life at the moment and happy with all things in Karenland. Plus, it doesn't hurt that today there are boys wandering in and out of the department. And really, how can you have a bad day when you look up from your desk to see the bottom halves of men sticking out of the ceiling, while the Shins play in the background? It's like the setting for a Utopia...or at least a very weird, awkward porno.
Dammit... now I'm trying to figure out a good plot for an electrician/painter-man porn and I'm afraid my productivity for the afternoon is going to be quite poor.
Oh well...totally worth it.


Music pick for the Day: "Cheap and Cheerful" by the Kills (my new favorite!)
Beverage pick for the Day: water
Socks for the Day: blue and white whale socks!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hearing the whir of the servos inside...

So, I had a pretty great weekend, filled with family and fun. I also got a snazzy new phone which I will marry as soon as they allow people to marry inanimate objects...or as soon as the robot overlords take over and it's no longer taboo to love something made of metal and circuits.
*cue Future Soon by JoCo*
I also got my 1st real Christmas tree in 3 years! I'd used a fake tree while I was in my apartment, since real trees were not allowed, and I'm thrilled to be able to have a real one again. Check out my brightkite for pics of the pretties! I've been too busy to decorate it, but hopefully tonight Jackson and I will have some time to at least get lights on.

My Monday was pretty good, too. There were some good moments, so I shall let you in on the good stuff:

- Mike was late getting to work, because he stopped to rescue a poor little kitten from the cold and snow on his way in. He brought it to the vet where his girlfriend works, and found out that the kitten had been shot in the shoulder and is now having its leg amputated today. So much horribliness should never happen to something so little. But, on the happy side, Mike and Marina now have a new kitty! Mike has also dubbed himself the Kitten Whisperer, and I think I may need to make him a plaque with that etched on it. "Mike the Kitten Whisperer"...although, I foresee that being dirrtied up at some point.

- If you ever hear of an album by the band Fountains of Poop, buy a copy immediately, since it means that Mike and I have started a band and are trying to make our living as musicians. Also, if you should ever hear of the band Velvet Hammer, buy two copies, because it will mean that being mediocre at Rock Band drumming has become a socially accepted form of artisitc expression and I started a solo tour IRL.

- Jackson and I were discussing names for our eventual puppy and he said that he wants to name it Moose II, after our friends Crystal and Adam's dog Moose. I said "no, buddy. It's going to be Monkey". He said that Monkey wasn't a good name, and that Moose II was better. I then suggested Bananaface as an alternative, and he again said that Moose II was better. I then said "How about Bananaface Monkey Moose II?", to which he again said no, this time sounding a bit exasperated with me. So I said "Bananaface Monkey Moose, Jr?" And, his response was "I don't think that would be very appropriate, Mom." So, apparently December 1st, 2008 is the day in which being a 26 year old makes you exponentially more silly than a 6 year old. Kind of a like a Freaky Monday instance. Isn't the kid supposed to be goofier than his mommy?? Such is my life, I suppose.

I think there were more good things, but I'm having a hard time remembering. I've been awake since 2 am, since I went to sleep at 10 pm last night, after a pretty crappy evening. My body got its alloted 4 hours of sleep and wouldn't let me have any more. My mind was also unable to be stopped, so I'm pretty sure that my mind was in cahoots with my body, therefore making it impossible for more sleepy for teh Karen this morning.

But, if my brain de-mushifies as the day progresses and I remember more goodness, I'll update again.

For now, I'm off. Happy Tuesday and I'll check back soon.

Music Pick for the Day: "You Don't Know Me" by Ben Folds and Regina Spektor
Beverage Pick for the Day: tea
Socks for the Day: blue and red Superman socks