Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Babies and kittens could cure cancer

Someone posted a link on Twitter today and I just about died from the cuteness overload. But, since it was so cute, it instantly cured my almost-death.
True story..

well, ok. Here it is. Brace yourself: it's cute in there.


There really should be a warning on sites like that. Something like "Warning: uncontrollable awwwwwwwwing ahead" or something...something.

Life needs more polkas...preferably in dot form

Well folks, it's been a while. And by a while, I mean 30 days. One month. 1/12th of a year. That is pretty long to go without an update, and for that, I apologize. Life has been pretty non-extraordinary. Heck, it's hardly been ordinary. I dare say, it's been subordinary (which, yes, is not a word...yet). So, to start off, I'm going to give you a recap of what I haven't been doing this past month:
I have not started a new hobby, gone on a date, ordered Chinese food, drove a truck, composed a break-away pop hit, written a novel, or discovered a new-found love for cous-cous.
I HAVE, however, walked backwards, watched 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls (this is a judge-free zone, people; please take your snickering outside, folks), freaked out at work (and threatened to quit, to boot!), been to the laundromat, lived through the Great Flood of '08, spent quality time with my mother, and listened to slow jazz while laying in bed at night, hoping to dream of agile Romanian gymnasts named Razvan. Ok, so I haven't actually listened to slow jazz while laying in bed at night, hoping to dream of agile Romanian gymnasts named Razvan...but I intend to, so I think that counts.

In an effort to not let myself fall back into depression in the next couple of weeks, I am making lists of things to do with my time, not unlike the very lists I've already stated in this very post! Well, I mean, kinda unlike the lists in this post, but the general idea is the same: lists. The lists I'm working on aren't very long yet, and most of them are still in my head, but the main one has been started, and is even a Word document. My main list was inspired by the quality time I spent with my mom last weekend. My dad was away at camp (VA camp; not your typical summer camp), so my mom and I decided to take advantage of the fact that my dad was gone. I love my dad to iddy bits, but do you think us ladies could ever watch anything but golf, the Weather Channel, or NCIS when he's around? Survey says: Frick NO. So, we decide to watch the AFI's "Top 10 Top 10 Lists", which was the top 10 of 10 different genres. I'm not going to talk much aobut the show, because for the most part, I was upset by the "genres" they picked, let alone some of the choices and omissions. I am going to talk about how it made me realize how many classics and "must see" movies I've never seen. Like "Annie Hall". How a person lives to be 26, claims to love movies, and has never seen "Annie Hall" is totally beyond me, but I am living proof that it happens, and I plan on amending that post haste. It is already #2 in my Netflix queue, along with about 15 other how-have-I-not-seen-this-yet movies, for my viewing pleasure.

Now, I'm off to watch the next TV show in my list of already-off-the-air-but-I-haven't-seen-yet TV shows: The X-Files. I'm also watching How I Met Your Mother, but I'm waiting for Netflix to ship the next disc to me. Ah, Netflix. You're like the video-store-I'm-too-lazy-to-go-to-but-better-because-you-don't-charge-me-late-fees I never had.


Oh, yeah. In case you're all "but...she didn't say anything about polkas OR dots! Worst title ever!", I'm just gonna say that the title was inspired by my favorite sunglasses (which, ironically, were my least favorite sunglasses circa 1998, but over time, I've grown to love and appreciate them, like a fine wine or cola). And I wore my favorite sunglasses as I took pictures of my pig tails (WOOP WOOP, my hair is finally long enough for pig tails again! HUZZAH!), which I took right before I posted this. So... the title is actually super valid and appropriate for the evening.

Says me.

And, since I was bored, and Jackson's red panda was on the couch, the photo-taking began. It all started with a panda and ended with polka dots and "oooooo, shiny" faces. Typical Tuesday.

Randomish Pics of the Karen

Music Pick for the Day: "Heaven's On Fire" by KISS
Beverage Pick for the Day: Highlander Grogg (best. flavored. coffee. EVER)
Socks for the Day: pink socks with sushi all over them *CUTE*