Thursday, January 03, 2008

Podcasts, ahoy!

Since I got my new iPod last year, I have had Podcasts that I've subscribed to, but nothing religiously. I'd listened to Ask a Ninja and Hope is Emo, because they make me laugh, but I'd yet to try any audio podcasts where people just talk about things. Mike at work was talking about how he is a podcastaholic and I decided to give it a shot. I subscribe to the GFW magazine and enjoy it a lot, so when he named GFW as one of the podcasts he listens to, I was intrigued . So, last night, I went ahead and downloaded the most recent one and I've been listening to it at work today, and I must say, I love it. They are funny and they discuss things that interest me, and they go off on tangents and talk smack and I may have an e-crush on a few of them now. (Mike also said that he thinks these guys do a WoW podcast, which if it's true, sign me up!). I also downloaded 1UP Yours, which I have not listened to, but am looking forward to! I talked to Mike today and told him that I'd gotten these two and he sent me a list of 19 more that he suggests I check out... and I'm gonna. Podcasts FTW, I say!

Now to find a crochet podcast and I'm set!!



A few weeks ago, I was in a good mood and decided to sit at my computer and be at one with the internet for a day. I read some blogs, browsed some forums, looked at some pictures, and started a Facebook account! I've had a Myspace page for a while, but only got it because of a couple of work people and don't really use it aside from checking to see if they have new pics and read their comments and such, and I'm pretty "meh" about Myspace in general. So, I decided to get a Facebook account, since I knew it had a better networking setup than Myspace and I was curious to see who I could find on here. So, I made an account and it has you enter your job, where you live, and your high school and such, so I did a search of my graduating class and there was a "whoosh" sound and the memories came flooding back. There were a lot of people that came up, but I only poked a few (*note* I have always had this weird paranoia that people won't remember me. Eventhough I knew these people for years and it's been 7 years since I've seen them, I still have this irrational fear that they've blocked out high school and that they'd be all "Karen who?" So, I only "poked" the people who I thought would be the least offended by my poking them after so long.) There was Kim, who was my BFF from like 4th grade through high school (and I still can't believe we drifted so far apart...makes me sad to think about), Anne and Ben. It's so weird to think about them all grown up, since I still picture them as they were when high school ended. Kim looks exactly the same, but seeing pictures of her siblings, it shows me the reality that years have passed since we were friends and it does make me wish I'd stayed in touch. Anne seems to have broken out of her shell and let her wild side out, which shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. And Ben, who's all growed up, and married, to boot!

Seeing these old friends has made me think about where my life is and where I'd hoped I'd be by now. I've lost my way over the years and miss the Karen I used to be. She's still in here, but my years with Scott changed me, and not for the better. I've become bitter and pessimistic and, sure, I still have my goofy good moods that remind me of a more innocent time, but I long to have the spunk and whimsy that I had. So, this is going on my "to do" list for 2008: Find my inner Karen. I know she's around and I feel that part of me when I've had a good day and when Jackson and I are playing, but I want that to be my all-the-time mood. So, let's hope I can find my way back soon!

Music pick for the Day: "The Nicest Kids in Town" by James Marsden (From Hairspray!... don't judge me! I less than three muscials and this is no exception!)
Beverage pick for the Day: lots and lots of coffee
Socks for the Day: Red and black striped Grumpy the Dwarf knee highs